It was a long time ago it seems. We came from a time when letters came by mail. We waited in eager anticipation over the snail mail that came via post over them short lived summers.

It was a time when part of trying to find my identity is trying to find my best penmanship. One that you could be pround over when you send those letters or when someone borrows your notes to copy. I remember trying on the different handwriting of my classmates as if they were accessories which I figured whether could fit me or not. Only now was I able to find my own penmanship, really. One that was more secure and well suiting.
It was a time of saving some precious amount from my allowance just so I can purchase (or trade) pretty stationeries from an entrepreneurial classmate or the corner bookstore from school.

"Ready those slumbooks before the schoolyear ends so we can collect correct addresses!"
Those days are gone now as the only stuff that came by mail are bills, online orders and ads. Those were good times though. Hopefully despite technology, the written word will still find it's way around surviving. Go Ms. L! Live and thrive!

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