Once upon a time mommy Cindy's asked me for some help on how to make paper flowers. It is as practice prop for your flower girl duties this October. But Mommy said she can't quite do it right, so this I made need no one fright (yes must insert rhyme). 

Here are the steps you need to take,
should you need to make some for your own art's sake:

1.) stack together 8 layers of 4.5" x 7.5" japanese paper (you could stack together different colors if you want)
2.) fold them all together accordion style from the 4" side
3.) once you've achieved this narrow line like shape tie a craft wire at the middle; just loop and twist
4.) cut curves on both ends for petals
5.) unfold each layer

simple eh, pics here for the more visual type.

But baby Ellys got sick before I can give the flowers. Hopefully you'll get better soon and still have the chance to practice with your  paper  flowers. But you don't need to have a wedding to be flower girl, really. You can be flower girl any day you want. Heck, you can be anything you want anytime you want! Just don't lose your youth's imagination. Keep dreamin' keep believin'!


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