Now that M is 1, his curiosity is just growing in leaps and bounds! The perennial problem of parents is to find that right balance between safety and freedom. Just as safety is a must these days, it would also be just criminal to cage them in a bubble and let that curiosity dissipate.

I have no intention of discussing where to draw the line between these two, because admittedly, I really do not know and it is still a constant issue of mine.

Instead I will share a DIY project related to it. (Yes, on to lighter things!)

In my quest to make a child proof space for M (even just 1 area where I can let him safely explore independently), I went hunting for cabinet safety locks. I came across several locally distributed ones from Safety First. But either they're too expensive or they just won't fit these particular cabinets. As much as I just want him to open away, there has been some incidents of bumps, scrapes and a whole lot of mess which husband will surely not approve of.

So the solution came in mind easy, I'll just make 'em! The idea is so simple and so much cheaper that I just couldn't believe how I didn't think of it before!
Steps and materials :
These are all the materials you'll need
Just stick the hook on the other corner beside the opening of the cabinet and then tie a string like so
Tying the string this way gives you the end knot as a lock. Brilliant eh?
Now I don't have to constantly put the weight of my hands on the doors to keep him from opening them (he gets upset when I do that) nor do I need to keep chasing him and removing him from this particular area. He would just learn that there are some things you cannot get into yet. :)

What are your ideas on child proofing your house?

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