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Now that 'tis the season for gift giving, I find this as a wonderful opportunity to hone my super powers. As you may not know (because I rarely use these alter egos) I am THE BUDGET-ER, THE RECYCLE-R and the DIY-ER!!!!

One way to make sure I use my abilities (and not to let it dry up, like so many other missed opportunities) is to use them through the GIFT WRAPPING CHALLENGE!

The Gift Wrapping Mission: 
(1) Save: not to buy gift wrappers & use cheap materials, 
(2) Think: use creativity, personalized is always more special, 
(3) Recycle: Use stuff around the house which might as well be trash or dust collectors.

The Super Saver Materials : 
(1) Leftover Japanese paper from my previous craft endeavors
(2) Erasers from the lootbags of M (he is too young to use them anyway)
(3) Xacto Knife
(4) Markers / Paint
(5) Pencil
(6) Leftover craft twine / wire / string
(7) Scotch tape

Crime... er... Expense Fighting Steps:
(1) Turn the eraser into stamp. With a pencil draw desired Christmas design onto eraser. Using Xacto knife carve out the design.
this is the eraser and the carving tools you'll need to begin with
testing the stamp and marker
(2) Use a marker / highlighter to coat the carvings with ink. You can also use paint :)
(3) Wrap gifts using japanese paper. You can use any leftover paper you have from previous crafts or kids project. Using crepe paper, construction paper or cartolina is also a favorite of mine. Then, stamp away!
(4) For DIY ribbons, still using japanese paper (or crepe), cut strips of about 1.5" thick x 8 feet long (it doesn't have to be continuous). 
(5) Fold them as in picture below, then tie craft wire at the middle. You can also use a string, as long as it is not too thin.
(6) Pull each sheet upward one by one, very gently. This is to give the ribbon that puff.
(7) Install ribbon with tape. You can cut more stips to tie (or glue, in my case) around your gift
Tada! Try it for yourself, make the most of this season as discover your own creative super powers. Make sure to have lots of fun and to make it as personal as possible! Why add personalized gift tags while your at it, you can cut up old folders and use that brand new eraser stamp you have! Exciting times! Happy gift wrapping!

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11/30/2012 3:34am

Yes to re-purposed wrappings!
I always keep used ribbons and trinkets from presents throughout the year, and I use them for embellishing Christmas boxes and gifts. Love it! :)

Marns Chua - Santos
11/30/2012 7:37pm

And every year we get to challenge out creativity through personalized gift packaging. I read your post on making it special for the receiver and I couldn't agree more to that! :) thanks Martine!

11/30/2012 9:31pm

Hi Marns! I've been wanting to dip my hands at stamp making :) And I looove what you did with the japanese paper :)

12/04/2012 4:28pm

Hi! I love your project! Especially the stamp :) How big was the eraser? Hope to learn more crafty project from you :)

12/04/2012 4:34pm

I meant "...more crafty projects..." :)

Marns Chua - Santos
12/04/2012 5:01pm

Hi chrissy, Im actually glad for this season that i finally have reason to make stamps. I keep putting them off and they're so much fun pa naman.

Marns Chua - Santos
12/04/2012 5:10pm

Thanks Raquel! The stamp s appx 2" x 1.25" its pretty standard stuff :)

12/06/2012 2:17pm

Hi Marns! :) What a lovely DIY idea! :) I wish I had your talent for crafts though, haha! :) I think I'll try this next year though, teehee! God bless!


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