Classy Classy Classy. That is the word to describe you oh calligraphy!

My first experience with calligraphy was when I was in elementary school, being in a Chinese school it was part of the curriculum; to dip your brush in ink and fill in the Chinese characters pattern. Nostalgia. But all I learned then was that calligraphy and it's ink dipping can be a whole lot of mess. It is still messy now, but for the love of letters you yearn to master it.

My love for this art was rekindled when I was planning for my wedding. I wanted to do my own calligraphy on our dark red envelopes. The idea of white ink was just too awesome to resist. But alas, I failed on that attempt and just ended up running the envelopes on the printer with black ink. It wasn't that ugly, but the invites were not as pretty as I hoped it would look like. This was the peg, which of course did not happen:
image from
GA Printing did such a good job pa naman with the envelopes, hay frustrations...

But for some weird reason my passion for calligraphy was rekindled during my preps for Miguel's first birthday. And at last Sept 12 at 11:43am, while I was wallowing in my frustrations, I came across this calligraphy workshop by The Fozzy Book. It just so happens that registration opens at 12nn on the same day! What a blessing! So I already drafted my registration email and just hit send when it opened at 12nn. Slots were all full an hour later.

Happy giddy excitement I got a slot!

Then came the actual workshop last Sept 22 at Briggy Hall Kapitolyo (which was a pretty cool creative venue). I got a few snips:
that's fozzy, our calligrapher mentor (she is cool to understate)
this is fozzy's work, that's gonna be my handwriting soon, just you see!
the workshop came with a notebook, ink, pen with nib and this manual (which I dirtied, clumsy)
I got a little headache during session, not because of the workshop itself (which was actually nice, with so much food, relaxing music, nice classmates and really super teacher), ut because, damn, this is harder than it looks. It is really an art and a skill that requires practice, patience, grace, discipline, control and memory that does not come from the brain!

I have been practicing, shy to upload the practice sheet really, because it is still such a mess and I still need much practice. But I'll post it anyway, nyahaha, I'll just chose best ones I've done of course:
Hopefully my inking skills would be good enough day to find it's way on a really nice set of wedding envelopes again (of course not mine na). That is a dream, which I pray would happen. But until then, I'll practice, practice, practice. Because you can't simply do nothing about it if you finds those things that you know you can just do forever and ever. 


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